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New Mexico's most successful throwing and hitting training program  

PowerHitting Training Program

Albuquerque Baseball Academy (ABA) is committed to providing the highest quality instruction.  ABA strives to stay on the cutting edge of training.  The PowerHitting Long-term Development plan uses hyper-individualized programs that scale to large groups of players.  PowerHitting uses the latest technology & programs to assess, monitor, train & develop elite level Hitters.  PowerHitting provides the training to challenge each individual slightly beyond their present capabilities. With knowledgeable staff, paired with state of the art monitoring technology, players obtain the feedback and training they need to become adjustable, powerful hitters.  

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Our Technology

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Trackman B1 Radar

ABA is the only facility in the Mountain West region with a Portable Trackman B1 unit.  Being first to market with the Gold Standard of pitch and ball flight technology sets us apart as we are able to give scouts and recruiters extremely accurate information on each of our player’s development and skill progress. Our Portable Trackman Unit allows our players to train with confidence that the adjustments they are making to their pitching arsenal are based on reliable data sets.


HitTrax provides real-time stats and key performance metrics, along with powerful video analysis, trend reports and more.  Patented technology provides a one-of-a-kind experience that fosters player engagement and a meaningful connection with instruction. ABA hitters use this gold standard radar system giving them instant feedback and confidence that when they hit a new personal record it is valid! ABA also utilizes the unique features in HitTrax like Quality At Bat Game, and Situational hitting programming to build skills that transfer to in-game situations.

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Blast Motion

Blast Motion Baseball sensors are the industry’s most accurate swing analyzer, integrated with automatic assessments, insights, player – coach communication and information / player management tools. ABA hitters track every swing and get detailed insights into their progress and key feedback to make adjustments to be accountable to their own swing.  ABA has partnered with Blast for the past 3 years and their coaches have meaningful experience on how to use the data to help players succeed.


K-Vest uses four sensors to measure the rotational velocities of the hip, torso, lead arm, and bottom hand. The sensors are placed on the tailbone, top of the thoracic spine, above the elbow on the lead arm, and back of the lead hand. ABA hitters get assessed using K-Vest every 3-4 weeks, our knowledgeable coaches give reliable feedback to help individualize each player’s strengths and weaknesses and provide them a plan to improve and succeed.

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Rapsodo Hitting 2.0

ABA uses multiple Rapsodo Hitting 2.0 units in their cages so every swing has a purpose and provides objective feedback to the hitter. Rapsodo allows our hitters and coaches to make data-driven adjustments so players can increase exit velocity, improve batted ball metrics and optimize their swing.

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