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Programs at the ABA

The Albuquerque Baseball Academy offers four programs for its players.

  • Sluggers (9u - 14u)

  • ABA Elite ( 12u - 14u)

  • Summer Select (15u - 18u)

  • Fall Showcase (15u - 18u)

Each program is designed with player and skill development at it's core, which translates into ABA's subsequent leveled programs. Our ABA Elite team offers a mid-age range competitive league for our 12, 13 and 14 year olds, bridging the gap between Sluggers and the competitive Summer Select/Fall Showcase programs. Each program offered at the ABA will enhance the skills and development of each player.  


Who is the ABA Slugger Program for? 

  • The ABA Slugger Program is designed for players ages 9-14 who have the goals of playing baseball at the next level.

ABA Slugger skill and player development:

  • The goal of the ABA Slugger Program is to develop each player and each team, by providing specific training, based on age and ability. 

ABA Slugger Formula for Success:

  • Take a good student/athlete and provide professional training and coaching

  • Strength, Speed and Agility Training

  • Teach proper fundamentals through hitting, turf and field practices

  • Play a competitive schedule in the local USSSA league and for some teams, travel to Arizona in the Fall and Spring

  • At the ABA we consider our Slugger Program a High School Prep program. By laying the foundation of fundamentals our players can move through their respective High School programs quicker and have the ability to compete for their High School Varsity teams and play in our High School Summer Select program

ABA Slugger Mission Statement

  • We are 100% committed to Player Development

  • We will build each players confidence and self-esteem through practice and competition

  • In addition to fundamentals of baseball, we will teach players to play the game the "RIGHT WAY"

  • We will teach sportsmanship and the values that are important in sports and in life. Values such as loyalty, integrity and hard work

  • We will educate players on the importance of schoolwork and making good grades and that colleges look at G.P.A and A.C.T scores as closely as their athletic skills

  • Players will be provided the same comprehensive instruction as our High School programs

  • Each player in this program will get the highest level of instruction from our professional instructors

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 9.33.42 AM.png

The Albuquerque Baseball Academy has 15U, 16U, 17U and 18U summer teams. These teams provide players with the opportunity to advance their skills by providing them professional coaching and competitive schedules. Our teams play against the top programs from around the country in tournaments in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

ABA was voted in as an official member of the prestigious Premier Baseball Organization in 2011. Premier Baseball only invites the top baseball organizations from around the country and we are proud of the fact that we are the only New Mexico member program.

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In the Fall, ABA Fall Showcase teams compete in some of the most prestigious events on the west coast. The fall events are an opportunity for our players to be seen and recruited by some of the top Universities and Junior Colleges from around the country.


ABA Fall Showcases - These events feature the top Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior High School players in New Mexico to play against Junior College teams from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. This recruiting event attracts College Coaches from Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas, plus Major League Scouts. Our Fall Showcases includes two events in the Fall, one in Albuquerque and one in Lubbock, Texas. ABA Fall Showcase teams (freshman, sophomore, junior & senior) will participate in approximately three of the following area, regional and national showcase events, with the goal of maximizing team/player exposure to college recruiters, while limiting the number of missed school days, and back to back travel weekends. All players selected to play on an ABA fall showcase teams (freshman, sophomore, junior & senior, with multiple teams in each age group) will participate in the ABA Fall Showcase September 13th -15th.  Complete schedules, for each team, will be determined shortly after the tryout.

  • ABA Showcase Dates: September 13-15th - Teams include New Mexico freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

  • V Tool Las Vegas Dates: September 20-22nd - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • West Texas Showcase Dates: September 27-29th in Lubbock, Texas - Texas Tech University.

  • V Tool Las Vegas Fall Finale Dates: November 1st-3rd - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • V Tool Tucson Dates: November 8th-10th - Tucson, Arizona

  • Arizona Fall Classics - This annual "invitation only" showcase, for High School Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen is held in October, and attracts over 200 College programs, plus scouts from every MLB Team. The ABA takes two teams in each class, one team comprised of players from New Mexico, and the second comprised of players from Texas. In addition, the ABA takes teams to the Junior Fall Classic and the Arizona Freshman/Sophomore Classic. ABA is the only New Mexico organization invited to play in these events.

  • Arizona Senior Fall Classic Dates: October 7th - 11th - Teams include NM and WT Seniors Teams

  • Arizona Junior Fall Classic Dates: October 1st-4th - Teams include NM and WT Juniors Teams

  • Arizona Sophomore Fall Classic Dates: September 24th-27th - Teams include NM and WT Soph Teams

  • Arizona Freshman Fall Classic Dates: October 15th-18th - Teams include NM and WT Freshman Teams

The Battle of the Borders - The Battle of the Borders was started in 2011 to Showcase to Junior and Seniors in the Southwest. Team Texas, Team New Mexico, Team Oklahoma, and Team Arkansas/Louisiana square off in a series to determine a champion. In the inaugural Championship game Team Texas defeated Team Oklahoma 5-3. Of the 8 games played in the 2011 "Battle" , only one game was decided by more than 2 runs. Over 50 college and professional scouts attended the event in 2011. 2011 All Tournament Selections include:

  • Alex Bregman

  • Guillermo Trujillo

  • Shilo McCall

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